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About ICT

Welcome to ICT, where expertise, guidance, and streamlined processes have empowered countless companies to reclaim valuable space, save costs, and even generate revenue by resolving their tech waste challenges. Our mission is to help you navigate the complexities of ITAD with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your core business.

Since 1993, ICT has been at the forefront of the industry, collaborating closely with our clients to align their strategic objectives while ensuring their short-term successes remain intact. With a wealth of experience gained from managing numerous ITAD and disposal projects.

Leveraging our three decades of experience as a leading recycler and processor, we have now shifted our focus to offer comprehensive business advisory services. Our aim is to optimize our clients’ processes and enhance overall efficiency

At ICT, we pride ourselves on being more than just consultants; we are your partners in making informed business decisions. Delivering compliant, ethical, and financially advantageous disposal solutions, we ensure sustainable growth and success.

Our commitment to expertise ensures a seamless and secure technology disposition, complying with all regulations and environmental standards. Trust us with your IT assets for reliability, security, and transparency.

Join our journey of innovation and responsible technology management. Empower your enterprise with unparalleled ITAD solutions and business guidance, unlocking your organization’s full potential.

Projects Completed
lb of equipment Managed
serialized assets processed
of recovered value
Let us craft solution for you that will let you
1. Done-for-you. Nationwide
  • Nationwide white-glove handling
  • 72 hours asset removal service
  • Rock Solid chain-of-custody
  • Guarranteed Asset Value Recovery
2. Responsible Processing
  • R2:2013 Compliant
  • DOD Contractor, DLA Certified
  • NIST 800.88 Data destruction
  • 100% e-Waste Recycling of non-reusable assets
  • Zero landfill policy
3. Reporting
  • Asset audit by serial number and category
  • Certificates of compliant disposal
  • Certificates of Data Destruction
  • Advance commitment cashback


At our core, we firmly advocate expert-driven reuse and re-purposing as the superior approach to asset disposal in the ITAD industry. Our philosophy prioritizes information security, zero waste, and environmental compliance. Embracing reuse vs. traditional e-wasting offers benefits:

Environmental Sustainability: Our approach reduces resource-intensive processes like bulk shredding and smelting, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Technology Accessibility: Reuse makes technology accessible to others, creating new opportunities to overcome financial constraints.

Maximized Asset Value Recovery: By choosing ICT as your re-purposing advisor, you not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also witness a boost in your IT budget. Extracting additional cash value from assets.

With our proficient-driven approach to reuse, your IT assets will be handled responsibly, positively impacting the environment and those in need. Trust in our expertise for a sustainable future. Data security assured. Join the journey to make a difference responsibly. Together, let’s build a brighter future for all.

Why do companies choose ICT?

Unmatched IT disposal expertise

With a seamless process that includes:

  • White glove handling
  • Money-back mechanism
  • Nationwide uniformed availability
  • Data destruction and certificates
  • E-waste recycling and certificates
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Sorting and grading solution
  • Audit and reconciliation support
  • Reporting infrastructure
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Best IT Decommissioning
Solution in the Industry

ICT Solution Benefits

  1. Optimize recovery of reusable excess inventory
  2. Complete control over your assets from pickup to disposal.
  3. Quick and dependable just-in-time support.
  4. Uniform white-glove removal solution nationwide
  5. Pragmatic and eco-friendly solution for facility cleanup.

ICT product expertise

  • Laptops/desktops/workstations
  • Office Phones
  • LCD Monitors
  • Point Of Sale Equipment
  • Mobility Equipment
  • Handheld Computers
  • Barcode Scanners And Printers
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Servers
  • Storage Systems
  • Network Equipment
  • Fiber Switches
  • Telecommunications
  • Mobile Phones And Tablets
  • Raid Controllers
  • Host Bus Adapters
  • Hard Disk Drives
  • Solid-state Drive
  • Ram Memory
  • Processors
  • System Upgrades
  • Medical Equipment
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Tape Media (new Excess Only)
  • Printer Cartridges (new Excess Only)
  • New Product In Retail Packaging
  • New Product In Bulk Oem Packaging

Specialized Solutions: Expert Case Assessment

Leveraging Three Decades of Experience to Uncover Effective, Ethical and Practical Solutions for Enterprise Clients Nationwide.
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ICT cashback solution used by major asset management teams


What if I have locations all over the country?

ICT offers solution including white-glove service and site cleanups anywhere in the USA. We can arrange for service in many places at once if needed.

What is “white glove service” exactly?

ICT is a part of a extended network of trained and vetted technology relocation professionals across the nation. Dispatched relocators will bring along all necessary packing material and equipment. They will collect, pack, skid, palletize, warp, label your equipment and remove it in a professional, responsible, and safe manner. You don’t have to lift a finger.

What is ICT “standardized process”?

ICT creates and supervises the processes to be exactly the same from start to finish from project to project. Our time-tested uniformed intake process, costs, removal, processing, reporting, recycling, and value recovery processes are at your disposal. We don’t cut corners and don’t skip steps.

What if my equipment has a lot of value?

Rest assured, our solution guarantees the highest recovery rates in the industry. Simply send us your inventory, and we'll provide you with a accurate and competitive recovery proposal.

What if my organization is very particular about asset control?

If your organization prioritizes asset control, rest assured that ICT's process is tailored to meet your needs. From thorough disposal list review to white glove handling, we maintain a meticulous chain of custody, ensuring every pound, item, and serial number is accounted for. Consider us your dedicated chain of custody guardians.

What if we must have certificates of disposal and data destruction?

Every transaction comes with certificates that are very detailed. We list all your assets by the serial number and include weight of material that is reconciled against pickup information.

What if we are extremely concerned with data security?

Through our meticulous processes, state-of-the-art professional tools, and strategic partnerships with certified expert firms, data security is given the utmost priority. All data is carefully wiped and/or drives are shredded, adhering to the stringent NIST 800.88 standard. With our robust approach, you can be confident that your sensitive information remains safeguarded at every step. Rest easy, as our commitment to protecting your data is unwavering.

What if we are in a rush and need to remove the material quickly?

Usually, all we need is 72-hour notice to get the job done and material removed*. Given that all formalities are taken care of. *Restrictions may apply

What if we need to move out or repurpose our plant, factory, datacenter, production, or manufacturing facility?

We will provide you with a solution that leaves you with clean facility, ready for your next step within 3 months or sooner. Process will include disposal of general waste, disconnect of the tools and machinery from electrical, plumbing and ductwork, cutting ankers flash to the floor and removal of all unneeded assets for reuse or compliant recycling.

What do we need to provide you to get started?

List of material you have for decommissioning.

Do you offer free pick up solution?

Yes. We can craft free or even cash positive solution if your list is substantially accurate and inventory is qualified.

Can you cut corners, skip steps, take it easy or forget about it to save on services and maximize money back?

We always maximise money-back but we don't do Mickey Mouse projects. We are process oriented, law abiding, quality driven and regulation compliant organization. If that is not what you need, we may be a wrong fit.

What if we must have a hard number before making a commitment?

Send us your inventory and we will give you a hard number for cost and recovery.
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